All That You Should Know About Car Repair Service And Mot Test

Car Repair Service

Being a car owner is a job full of responsibilities. A small fault in your car can put your and the pedestrian’s lives in danger. That is why it is important that you maintain your vehicle regularly. Even a single component malfunctioning can be dangerous. The damage in any component of your car is like cancer. If not treated timely, it can spread to the other parts of the vehicle. MOT test also allows you to be sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition. However, many people are still confused between Car Service Stockport and MOT tests. Let us discuss that in detail.

Car Repair Service

We like to keep our car as new as possible. But polishing and maintaining the exterior is not enough for it. A car unhealthy from the inside is far more dangerous. That is why car repair is important. It includes proper inspection and repair of the damaged components. Car repair service helps increase the durability of the vehicle and also enhances its performance. Now, not all vehicles need the same kind of repair service. Depending on the age and the mileage of the vehicle, you can get any of the following repair services.

  • Interim Service

A car requires basic service or interim service, every 20,000km or 6 months. As the name suggests, it is a basic service that includes changing the oils, replacing filters, inspecting the driving belts and main components of the car such as the engine, brake fluid, brakes, lubrication of the moving components, etc.

  • Full-Service

A car requires intermediate service or full service, every 12,000km or 12 months. The less driven vehicle is most likely to get a full service. This not only includes the services provided in interim service but also a few additional services. These services are changing filters, spark plugs, wheel bearings, brakes, electrical elements, shock absorbers, coolants, air conditioning, and radiator.

  • Major Service

A master car service or major service, every 24 months or 24.000km. it includes services provided in interim service and full service as well. Apart from this they also include the replacement of worn-out parts, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, radiator, and coolant hose. Whatever service you might need, you can say major services have it.

What Does Car Service Include?

Maintaining a vehicle helps you get better performance out of your vehicle. But sometimes you can not stop the damage and have to face the consequences. Reckless driving can be one of the reasons for damage to your vehicle or it can be a natural cause. Regardless of the cause you should repair your vehicle so that the harm does not increase. It is also necessary so you can drive safely and enjoy the journey without stressing over your vehicle. According to your mileage or usage of the vehicle you can choose from different services that we provide. Additional services you can ask for are:

  • Car Wash
  • Crash Repair
  • Car Painting & Detailing
  • Gearbox Repair
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Cam-belt Repairs
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Engine
  • Exhausts
  • Tyre Puncture & Alignment
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Oil Changes
  • Fuel System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Battery Replacement

Importance Of Car Repair Service

Apart from getting better performance, there are many more reasons why your vehicle needs a car repair service. Such as:

  • Getting regular maintenance service avoids possible malfunctioning on the spot and circumvents accidents.
  • Regular maintenance service also keeps the vehicle in top-notch condition which improves its performance and efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Maintaining the vehicle regularly not only improves the performance but also is cost-efficient. Frequent damage means frequent repairing. But with regular maintenance service, all the components are in proper working condition which means there are fewer damages.
  • Regular maintenance keeps all the components of the vehicle in working condition which means the engine is free from any burden. This helps in improving fuel efficiency.
  • Besides money, frequent repair will consume a lot of your time. Regular maintenance service is a quick and on-time service that will make sure all the components of the vehicle are in good condition at least until your next appointment. This ultimately also saves you time.
  • Regular maintenance also gives you a record of the parts replaced or repairs. This improves the resell value of your vehicle if you are planning on selling your vehicle in the future.
  • Regular maintenance service also helps you keep the insurance of the vehicle. This also helps you increase the life expectancy of the vehicle.


MOT is somehow similar to car service but not too same. The MOT test is a compulsory test you have to take every year. Whereas car service helps one to pass the MOT test. Each component of the vehicle undergoes a strict inspection to ensure its functioning. MOT tests testify to the roadworthiness of the vehicle. However, it does not include damage repair.

What Does The Mot Test Cover?

  • Bodywork
  • Steering
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Horn
  • Seats and seatbelt
  • Doors and openings
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Tow bar
  • Vehicle’s identification
  • Exhaust and emissions


MOT Stockport helps you keep your vehicle in full functioning condition. Not having an MOT can be a violation of the rules and you might have to pay a heavy fine for that. We help you with your car maintenance so you can pass your MOT test with flying colors. Visit our site for appointments and more information.

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