Clear Your Doubts About Winter Tyres Before Buying These Seasonal Tyres

Winter tyres

If you live in a place where severe winter conditions take place, you have to buy winter tyres. Winter tyres perform excellently on cold roads. They do not lose their strength when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius.

Many car drivers want to have a set of all-season tyres since they are effective in varied weather conditions. You should note that these tyres are effective in only mild weather conditions. On the other hand, Winter Tyres Darlington will support you in harsh winter conditions. Winter tyres are ready to face every face of the winter season; they can run well on dry cold roads. Moreover, you can drive your car on winter tyres on an icy road as well.

If you have a plan to buy winter tyres, read this guide to make a better decision.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are suitable for low temperatures. When other tyres become hard on a cold surface, winter tyres ensure proper grip on the same surface. There are two types of winter tyres. Studded and stud less.
Studded winter tyres have metal studs but studless tyres come without studs in the tread.

This article talks about studless winter tyres.

Unique features of winter tyres

Winter tyres are dedicated seasonal tyres to help you in the winter season. They will support you during harsh weather conditions with the help of the following features:

Tread pattern and depth:

Winter tyres are available with a deeper tread pattern to expel extra water efficiently on a snowy road. Deeper tread of winter tyres also provides better traction on cold and icy surfaces.

A scientific fact says that snow holds snow very well. So, snow fills deeper blocks of winter tyres to provide better traction.

Rubber Material:

Winter tyres come with natural rubber material. Natural rubber is softer than the synthetic rubber. Therefore, winter tyres do not lose their elasticity due to cold weather conditions.

This is indeed a great feature because proper flexibility is essential for tyres to make proper grip on roads.

Biting Edges:

A lot of tiny blocks in the tread pattern disperse ice and snow efficiently. Therefore, they are more effective on snow or ice in comparison with other categories of seasonal tyres.

Can you use winter tyres during the summer months?

You cannot use winter tyres in the summer season. As mentioned above, winter tyres are suitable for cold conditions. They come with a softer rubber. You can imagine that summer heat will melt this softer rubber compound easily. Thus, the rate of wear and tear in winter tyres will increase due to your wrong decision. Moreover, their performance level will also go down because of inappropriate weather conditions.

A deeper tread and more sipes do not create a favourable design for the summer season. Therefore, winter tyres will struggle to make proper grip and traction due to the high temperature.

So, use winter tyres in suitable weather conditions to ensure proper performance.

Storing winter tyres

Since you do not need winter tyres during the summer months, you have to store them wisely. Improper storing can damage your tyres even if they are not performing on roads.

Clean your tyres with the help of soap and water. Use a gentle brush to clean the body of your tyres. Dry them properly because moisture can damage your tyres during the hibernation period.

Store your winter tyres in a dark and dry room… keep them away from direct sunlight, and moisture. Maintain an average room temperature and keep your tyres away from any source of heat.

Make sure your tyres are not in contact of solvents, paints, lubricant chemicals, and fuel.

Keeping tyres healthy

Winter tyres will be helpful during the winter season if you look after them effectively. Inspect your tyres regularly to detect the signs like tread wear, bulges, cracks and cuts. These signs indicate that your winter tyres are unable to cope with harsh winter conditions.

Healthy winter tyres keep you safe but sick tyres are unable to perform their functions. So, it is better you change your tyres if you observe signs like tread wear and bulges.

Air pressure in winter tyres is indeed a crucial factor. Incorrect air pressure in tyres will disturb the size of the contact area. The proper size of the contact area is essential on a snowy surface. Therefore, try to maintain proper air pressure in car tyres. Air pressure in tyres reaches lower levels due to the winter season. So, checking air pressure during a cold day is indeed necessary.

Conclusive words

Winter tyres are really effective during the winter season. You can drive more confidently on a snowy road with winter tyres. However, you must follow the safety guidelines to make your ride safer in cold months. The effectiveness of winter tyres does not replace the need for safety guidelines.

Moreover, when we praise the winter Car Tyres Darlington, we actually talk about healthy winter tyres. You should instantly replace sick winter tyres.

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