Convert MDaemon Emails to Outlook PST File with Complete Data

mdaemon emails to outlook

Summary : Follow this tutorial to know the best method to convert MDaemon user profiles to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 and all below editions.

Many small/medium size businesses use MDaemon for their business purpose. There are many situations when users need to save their MDaemon emails to Outlook PST file. Such as shifting from one environment to another, interest in new technology, job change where MDaemon was used earlier and the new office works with MS Outlook and many more. Are you one of them and need urgent solution to convert MDaemon mail folders to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

MDaemon and Outlook

MDaemon is a Windows-based groupware application that enables user to run their small/medium business effectively. The application supports numerous advance features such as anti-spam filters, document and file sharing, shared mailboxes, email and contacts management etc.

Outlook, on the hand, is developed by Microsoft workable mostly for Windows OS. Its latest edition is Outlook 2019. It is full-fledged bundle of Personal Information Manager. Outlook includes support for managing emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals etc. It also supports search feature, accessibility checker, pop-up reminders, anti-spam filters and many more advance features. The best part of using Outlook is that it provides better connectivity with Exchange Server and therefore eliminates the need for any other server.

Why Export MDaemon User Data to Outlook?

Let’s understand why users need to add MDaemon emails to Outlook through the following queries.

I have recently changed my job. Previously I used to use MDaemon but here in my new company, we are using Outlook for communication purpose. I had created a backup of my MDaemon data from which I need to access a few contacts and emails in Outlook. I tried to manually import MDaemon emails in Outlook using drag and drop option, but other than displaying the email lists, it showed nothing. (the message preview window popped-up an error message). Can someone please help me in converting MDaemon mailboxes to Outlook.


We are currently using MDaemon mail server for the last 5 years and due to its increased maintenance cost, started using Outlook as an alternative. And now we have decided to completely switch to using Outlook as it easily handles both email management and data storing tasks. Can anyone please help me in exporting MDaemon user profiles to Outlook PST file without any data loss.


MDaemon to PST Converter – Professional Solution to Add MDaemon Files to Outlook

Although MDaemon provides Outlook Connector for synchronizing MDaemon data with MS Outlook, but this is not a permanent solution. This is because a slight change in MDaemon data will automatically update Outlook data, during next synchronization. Therefore, to avoid this problem, users must use a professional utility such as CubexSoft MDaemon Converter. It’s a smart tool that provides reliable and efficient solution to convert MDaemon mailboxes to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. The tool is completely independent and supports both single as well bulk migration of MDaemon data to PST file.

Export MDaemon Emails to Outlook PST File – Complete Guide

  • First of all, download and launch the tool on your PC
  • Now add MDaemon files/folders using the two options, i.e., Select Files or Select Folders

choose selection option

  • Tool will start adding MDaemon folders in exact folder hierarchy. Choose the required files by ticking their checkboxes and hit Next

choose desired MDaemon data

  • Select PST from the list of Select Saving options drop down menu. Choose required sub-options, advance filters, destination location to save resultant files and hit Convert button

choose pst as desired option

  • Tool will start converting MDaemon files to PST format and displays its live progress status

view mdaemon emails to outlook pst conversion

  • Once completed, a new message box opens with the message “Process completed successfully”


Features of MDaemon to PST Converter

  • Supports Bulk migration : The tool is designed to ease users’ job as it enables them to convert unlimited MDaemon files to PST at once. This feature is a true time saviour and saves a lot of users’ crucial time and efforts as they are performing the entire MDaemon to PST conversion task in single processing.
  • Converts complete MDaemon data : tool supports to convert  complete MDaemon data to Outlook PST file. This data includes emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc.
  • Generates separate PST file per MDaemon user : if you have chosen “I am converting multiple users” option for converting MDaemon users data, then the tool will provide you the option to create separate PST for each MDaemon user.
  • Save resultant files at desired location : while converting MDaemon files to PST, tool provides you with the option to save resultant files at any location on your system hard drive, as you desire.
  • Creates UNICODE PST file : the software generates a new UNICODE PST file.  You can access this file on all Outlook (32bit and 64 bit) editions – Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.
  • Independent  Application : MDaemon to PST Converter is completely independent tool and doesn’t need any other application for performing desired task. You just need MDaemon files and the tool will then perform the desired task, as instructed, with complete efficiency.
  • Preserves data integrity : MDaemon to PST Converter is completely safe to use and doesn’t makes any changes to your data. It precisely saves all headers elements and formatting of MDaemon user data including sender/receiver details, subject, attachments, images, hyperlinks, contacts details, calendar events, schedules, reminders, recurring tasks etc.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy : keeping folder hierarchy intact is the foremost requirement of many users who want to easily manage their MDaemon data in Outlook after conversion is over. This is where MDaemon to Outlook Converter stands apart. It keeps the folder hierarchy of MDaemon mailboxes intact throughout the process.
  • Suitable for all Windows OS : the software is completely Windows based and is suitable for all its (32bit and 64bit) editions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.


Users can feel the need to convert MDaemon emails to Outlook email client, due to any reason. Whatever be the reason, their only concern is to find the optimum solution to perform this task with minimized efforts. Anyone can easily do it using professional utility, i.e., MDaemon Converter. You can check the working efficiency of the tool using its free demo edition and simply follow the step by step process. With free demo tool, you are allowed to convert first 25 items per MDaemon folder to PST file. For unrestricted solution, purchase the licensed edition of MDaemon to PST Converter.


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