Regardless of the workshop where you take your automobile for maintenance. It is a common procedure to generate a vehicle report card. Your car’s condition and the work that has to be done on it during the service are listed on the report card. You must list all of the problems that need to be fixed when bringing your automobile in for Car Service Newcastle Upon Tyne. Ensuring the same will benefit the service advisor. Therefore, it is wise to have this paperwork in place at all times.

An Itemized Bill That Complies With The Service Price Guarantee:

To ensure you know exactly what materials were used to restore your automobile to its original condition. The price of every component fitted or utilized during maintenance should be listed on your final service statement.

It’s A Good Idea To Frequently Inspect Your Personal Belongings:

Even while workshops of well-known brands adhere to strict professional standards of operation. It is crucial to look over the automobile for any personal items you may have left behind. This also holds true for regional workshops. It is likely that your belongings will be where you left them.

Before & After Service Checks:

Observe gasoline Level: Some service advisers typically record the gasoline level on the vehicle report card to make sure it’s not being overused and as a sign of high-quality work. Nonetheless, when inspecting and maintaining parts like the engine oil, climate control, air conditioning, etc., technicians occasionally have to start the engine. However, because this does not use a lot of gasoline, make sure to check the fuel level both before and after car repairing your vehicle.

Take Note of The Change In Engine Oil Colour:

Engine oil helps to clean up pollution in addition to lubricating the engine. That explains why, practically instantly after usage, it becomes darker. Your engine oil will be clean and light, many shades lighter than it was before the service, if your engine oil has been replenished. To make sure your engine oil has been replenished, open the hood, check the engine oil with the dipstick both before and after servicing.

Examine the Air Filter and Tyre Condition:

Your tyres and air filter should be among the other crucial items on your checklist.

Air Filter:

Prior to the service, your service adviser will inform you if your air filter only needs to be cleaned or has to be changed. In any case, you can confirm that the specified work has been completed by checking the filter both before and after the service. Your air filter is an important part. It will be well worth the extra time and effort to inspect it since a clogged air filter will result in higher fuel consumption and decreased performance.


Since your tyres are your sole point of contact with the road, they must be in good condition in order for you to drive safely and effectively. Prior to the service, inspect them and get an assessment from the service adviser as well. Skilled specialists might be able to see issues that you might miss. The tyres may be rotated or changed if needed.

Reading on the Odometer:

It takes time to service an automobile, but you must make sure the odometer reading doesn’t change. Verify with the supervisor that your automobile hasn’t been misused. If the reading is different from when you turned it in for maintenance.


Occasionally, an automobile may sustain damage while being transported from the manufacturer’s facility to the dealer’s stockyard. Take a leisurely stroll around the vehicle to check for any dents or scratches, paying particular attention to the bumpers and the sides. Examine the paintwork as well. Inform the dealer of any scratches, dents, or repaint patches you discover.


After inspecting the car’s exterior, go inside and look for stains on the dashboard, seats, glovebox, and upholstery. Take out the floor mats and inspect the carpet for any signs of wetness. Additionally, look for scratches or fractures on the mirrors and glasses.

Brakes, parking, turn signals, and headlights:

It’s easy to overlook that your car’s lights should be functioning correctly, even though this is really important. Make sure your headlights are on and positioned correctly once a month while you park in front of a level surface. As you circle your car, make sure your parking lights and turn signals are working visually.


After washing your automobile, waxing it will help to preserve the quality of the paint, reduce the chance of corrosion, and keep it shining.

The accumulation of various irritants such as dust, sand, and salt, along with environmental factors like ozone and UV light that can result in microscopic damage. Can all be minimised by waxing by producing a protective layer that will lengthen the life of your paint.

A Hands-on Experience With The Service Advisor:

Yes, you did test drive your car before making your reservation. But you should also do test drives before to and following maintenance. When the automobile starts to rattle or squeak, or if it pulls to one side. When braking or accelerating, bring the service adviser along to show off any potential issues. An advisor-led test drive following the service facilitates determining if the issues raised have been addressed.

You can speak with the Car Service Newcastle Upon Tyne adviser. If you believe that a warranty claim has to be made at any stage during the procedure.

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