Fix The Red Light Issue Of Linksys Router

red light on Linksys router

If you are facing the red light issue with your Linksys router, it typically defines an issue with the Linksys device or the network connection. Here are the few troubleshooting steps you can try to fix the Linksys router red light issue:

Power Cycle Linksys Router

First, press the power button of the Linksys router device and then take out the power plug of the Linksys router from a socket. After that, wait for a short while and turn on the Linksys router. In the end, place the plug of the Linksys router in a socket. 

Identify An Internet Connection

Make sure that the modem must be connected perfectly to the router and that the internet service is functioning perfectly. Check that the cables or wires are perfectly plugged in and that there is not any physical damage.

Update Firmware

By improving the software or firmware of the Linksys router you can fix the red light issue. 

First, go to the Linksys official website by filling in the default web portal in the computer address bar. Later, the Linksys web management page opens on display. Now, look for the network administration and then click on the Linksys software upgrade option. Later, install the current version of the firmware file and consider all the directions provided by Linksys to improve it. Hence, doing or considering the above steps the software of the Linksys router is completely improved.

Reset The Router

If the above solutions didn’t work to fix the red light on Linksys router issue then try resetting the Linksys router to its factory default settings. Now, look for a reset button on the Linksys router. On the back or bottom, you can get the reset button. Later by paperclip or a small object, press and hold the reset button of the Linksys router for about 10 seconds. Afterward, all the Linksys router LEDs will be turned off. In the end, do the Linksys router setup process again. 

Contact Linksys Support

If the red light issue is not fixed after trying the above solution steps, it’s recommended to ping Linksys customer service for further guidance. They can offer you a specific solution if there is a hardware problem with the router and then also give the solution for that. 

Tip: If you want to extend the range of the Linksys router WiFi signal then try to purchase the Linksys extender device and do the login and configuration process of that device. 

How Does Linksys Extender Work?

Linksys WiFi range extender is a device that helps to increase the range of existing router WiFi signals. It removes or clears all the dead spot areas of the house and office. To do the login and configuration process of the Linksys WiFi range extender consider the below instructions. 

Linksys Extender Login Process 

To initial with, place the Linksys extender plug-in socket. Further, the power LED of the Linksys extender blinking orange. After that, grab the WiFi gadget such as a laptop or computer, and link it with the Linksys extender network. Now, open the browser and type and the Linksys web management page opens up on display. In the end, fill in all the credentials which are shown on the display page. In the end, click on the login option to complete the Linksys extender login process. 

Linksys Extender Installation Process 

There are two ways to execute the installation process of the Linksys extender. 

By WPS Button Of Linksys Extender

To start with, settle the Linksys extender device close to the router. After that, press the WPS button of the Linksys extender and existing router. Next, for a short while see the solid WPS LED on both the extender and router device. Hence, it means the extender and router are successfully linked to each other. 

Most of the users are unable to do the extender setup process because some routers do not support the WPS button. So try another method for the Linksys extender configuration process. 

Via Web-Based UI Method 

To do this method process, go to the Linksys web management page. After that, search for the setup wizard option and then select the WiFi network that you want to extend. Later, insert the security password and tap on the connect button to look at the extender successfully configured text on a computer display. 

Thus, the Linksys extender configuration process is now done after considering the steps of the above two methods. 

After the entire information on this page, you will be able to resolve the Linksys router red light issue. In any case, if you are unable to fix the red light issue of the Linksys router then try to contact or ping our Linksys team experts by sending doubts to the official email at 

Vikas SHarma
Author: Vikas SHarma

Blogger and Technical Support Specialist.

By Vikas SHarma

Blogger and Technical Support Specialist.

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