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Do you plan to buy new tyres? Or are there some outdated ones lying around that you want to get rid of? No matter what you need, we can help you in choosing the best Car Tyres.

The team behind us informed the leading tyre manufacturers currently on the market and has plenty of expertise in the industry.

We also know how to correctly install new Performance Tyres Reading and what care they need after installation to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Performance Car Tyres: what are they?

Performance tyres are tyres designed specifically for use in different SUVs, sports cars, and luxurious cars that need to perform well at high speeds.

They make utilizing current cutting-edge tread technology. These tyres’ improved gripping and cornering capabilities set them apart from standard car tyres.

Performance tyres also include large, lateral groove designs to prevent falling apart.

Why go with performance Car Tyres?

These components create specifically for sports cars to offer them amazing control without losing their exceptional performance.

Specialized tread designs on performance units enable unmatched handling and steering effectiveness.

When you are travelling at a faster rate, they give your car excellent mileage and steadiness.

These versions dramatically minimize rolling resistance, which lengthens the tread life.

Top performance tyre models

Several factors should consider before choosing which new tyres to buy when it comes to this. There is a good probability that the tyres you now have on your car are unsuitable for it, which prevents it from performing to its maximum capacity.

Instead, install performance tyres which will complement your car as well as increase its speed.

Some of the most popular tyres are available from Car Tyres at competitive pricing. We have products from brands like,





Additionally, we have affordable tyres from top manufacturers like,


·RoadX and more

Different Types of Performance Tyres and their benefits

The most valuable tyres for your car are performance tyres. You can drive quicker and more safely because of their improved grip and stability.

Performance tyres come in a variety of styles and varieties nowadays. Depending on the type of weather you may experience, you can pick between regular tyres and winter tyres.

1. Normal tyres:

These make for everyday use, and even when it is raining or snowing outside, they still offer a suitable grip. As a result of their ability to reduce drag while moving slowly or at moderate speeds, these tyres also help with improving your car’s fuel efficiency.

2. Winter tyres:

These designs are specifically for the harsh winters, where they perform better than regular Car Tyres because they give your car more traction in icy conditions and during the snowfall season, preventing accidents related to slick roads brought on by heavy snowfall or ice.

Most often used performance tyres

1. Pirelli Scorpion

On snow-covered roads, its asymmetric tyre pattern and deeper grooves ensure greater traction and braking performance. In addition, this performance model provides improved dry performance and hydroplaning resistance without risking your safety.

·Strong and resistant to kerb damage and punctures

·On a slick landscape, an asymmetric tread block provides an effective grip.

·Deep sipes ensure a comfortable and effective grip.

2. Continental Sport Contact 6

Because of its unique tread design, Continental Tyres’ SportsContact 6 is an effective performance tyre that also provides a high level of driving safety.

·According to its Black Chilli technology, it has excellent traction on wet road surfaces.

·optimized road contact with specialized tread

·Specially created hybrid caps provide stability at high speeds.

3. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

This tyre has a special rubber blend that ensures improved grip and less rolling resistance on difficult surfaces. Invest in Pilot Sport 4 SUV car tyres if you wish to get long-lasting tyres. It guarantees 20,000 miles of driving without noticeable tread wear.

4. Bridgestone Potenza S007

Bridgestone’s Potenza S007 is a high-performance tyre with greater durability and outstanding high-speed braking. The tyre design is for usage in the summer on hot, dry roads.

·superior cornering ability and effective grip

·The tyres‘ grooves provide excellent handling response.

· Performance that is steady at high speeds

Why us?

For your convenience, we also provide a mobile tire-fitting facility. When purchasing your Car Tyres Reading online, simply enter your name, address, and contact information to make an appointment.

Please call us for assistance any time of day or night in an emergency.

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