How To Book Unaccompanied Minor Flight Delta?

Delta Unaccompanied Minor

When It Comes To Booking An Unaccompanied Minor Flight With Delta Unaccompanied Minor Service Number 800-325-8847 Or 1-860-364-8556, It’s Essential To Have All The Information And Guidance You Need. This Article Will Take You Through The Process Step By Step, Ensuring A Smooth And Worry-Free Journey For Your Child.

1. Understanding Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Booking A Flight For An Unaccompanied Minor Is A Thoughtful Decision That Requires Careful Planning. Before We Delve Into The Booking Process, Let’s Understand What It Means To Travel As An Unaccompanied Minor.

What Is An Unaccompanied Minor?

An Unaccompanied Minor Is A Child Traveling Without A Parent Or Legal Guardian Who Is Under The Age Of 18. Delta Airlines Offers A Special Service To Ensure Their Safety And Comfort During The Journey.

2. Eligibility And Age Restrictions

To Book An Unaccompanied Minor Flight With Delta, It’s Crucial To Know The Age Restrictions And Eligibility Criteria.

Age Restrictions

Delta Typically Considers Children Aged 5 To 14 As Unaccompanied Minors. Children Between 15 And 17 Can Choose Whether They Want To Use The Unaccompanied Minor Service.

3. Booking Process

Now, Let’s Explore The Detailed Process Of Booking An Unaccompanied Minor Flight With Delta Airlines.

How To Book Unaccompanied Minor Flight Delta?

  1. Visit The Delta Airlines Website Or App.
  2. Begin The Booking Process By Entering Your Travel Details.
  3. When Selecting The Number Of Travelers, Indicate The Number Of Unaccompanied Minors.
  4. Follow The Prompts To Complete The Booking And Provide Necessary Information About The Child Traveling Alone.

4. Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

It’s Important To Be Aware Of The Additional Fees Associated With Unaccompanied Minor Travel.

Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

Delta Charges A Service Fee For Unaccompanied Minor Travel. The Fee May Vary Depending On The Flight And Route, So It’s Advisable To Check The Current Rates During The Booking Process.

5. Required Documentation

To Ensure A Smooth Journey For Your Child, Certain Documentation Is Essential.

Necessary Documentation

  • Government-issued photo ID for The Parent Or Guardian.
  • Birth Certificate Of The Child.
  • Contact Information For The Person Dropping Off And Picking Up The Child At The Airport.

6. Arrival And Departure Procedures

Understanding The Procedures At The Airport Is Crucial For Both Parents And Children.

Arrival And Departure Procedures

  • Arrive At The Airport Well In Advance To Complete The Necessary Paperwork.
  • Delta Staff Will Provide A Lanyard With Important Travel Documents That The Child Should Wear Throughout The Journey.


Booking An Unaccompanied Minor Flight With Delta Airlines Is A Straightforward Process When You Have The Right Information At Your Fingertips. Ensure That Your Child’s Journey Is Safe, Comfortable, And Worry-Free By Following The Guidelines And Procedures Outlined In This Article. Traveling As An Unaccompanied Minor Can Be A Positive Experience For Both You And Your Child, And Delta Airlines Is Dedicated To Making It So.

FAQ:- (Delta Unaccompanied Minor)

Is It Safe For My Child To Travel As An Unaccompanied Minor With Delta?

Yes, Delta Airlines Takes Extensive Measures To Ensure The Safety And Well-Being Of Unaccompanied Minors. From Dedicated Staff Assistance To Priority Boarding, Your Child’s Journey Will Be Carefully Supervised.

Can My Child With Special Needs Travel As An Unaccompanied Minor?

Delta Airlines Accommodates Children With Special Needs As Unaccompanied Minors. Be Sure To Inform The Airline Of Any Specific Requirements During The Booking Process.

What Should My Child Bring On The Flight?

Pack Essential Items Like Snacks, A Favorite Toy Or Book, And Any Necessary Medications In Your Child’s Carry-On Bag. Delta Airlines Will Provide Meals And Entertainment During The Flight.

How Can I Track My Child’s Flight?

Delta Airlines Offers A Service That Allows Parents To Track Their Child’s Flight Status In Real-Time. You’ll Receive Updates On Departure, Arrival, And Any Potential Delays.

Can My Child Travel As An Unaccompanied Minor Internationally?

Yes, Delta Airlines Offers Unaccompanied Minor Services On Both Domestic And International Flights. Ensure You Have All Required Travel Documents And Necessary Permissions For International Travel.

What If My Child’s Flight Is Delayed Or Canceled?

In The Event Of A Delay Or Cancellation, Delta Airlines Will Take Care Of Your Child And Make Necessary Arrangements For Their Safety And Comfort Until The Next Available Flight.

Delays and cancellations can happen, even with the best-laid travel plans. If your child’s flight with Delta Airlines is delayed or canceled, it’s essential to know what steps to take to ensure their safety and comfort.

Delta Airlines understands that situations like this can be stressful, especially when your child is traveling alone. Rest assured, they have procedures in place to handle such scenarios.

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