How to Convert OLM File to Gmail?

how to convert olm file to gmail

Professionals determined that the expert way is superior to the manual solution after analyzing the various approaches for converting OLM files to Gmail. There are numerous drawbacks to manual approaches.

Gmail satisfies current requirements significantly better than Outlook for Mac (OLM). So, read this blog and evaluate the best solution based on your needs to gain clear insights. You’ll get the impression that the OLM to Gmail Migration Tool is the only one that can meet all of the user’s needs and is the ideal solution.

At the present time, a lot of people favor simple web apps. The user-friendly layout of Gmail draws in those who are tired of Outlook on the Mac. The complex interface of Mac Outlook makes it appear as though using it is impossible for any other user. Users want to go from OLM to Gmail because it gives them access to data anywhere, anytime, and on any device, anyhow the challenges they have encountered with OLM file. As a result, a lot of people frequently figure out how to convert OLM file to Gmail.

You’ll get a sneak glimpse at the reasons why Gmail is superior to Outlook for Mac in this segment. It’ll function as a resource for individuals seeking comprehensive understanding of professional and manual techniques, along with their restrictions. So, without further ado, let’s begin the discussion.

Five Benefits of Gmail Compared to OLM

Excellent email clients are Gmail and Outlook Mac. Due to Gmail’s unique advantages over Outlook for Mac, users frequently come to the conclusion that migrating or exporting Outlook OLM data to Gmail is always a good idea. Let’s examine each benefit in more detail.

  • A user-friendly UI and a successful Google Services integration.
  • Allows for the handling of huge attachments and provides 15 GB of free storage.
  • Gmail offers simple options for organizing tasks, calendars, contacts, and other data.
  • Sufficient security protocols to aid in the prevention of malware and spam.
  • Simple options for email searches.

With these user-friendly features, Gmail surpasses Outlook data file OLM. In this competitive marketplace, where users frequently value simplicity over complexity, they are eager to learn how to convert OLM file to Gmail.

Manually Convert Outlook for Mac Data to Gmail Account – A Process with Restrictions

If a user wants to import an OLM file into a Google Mail account manually, they can do so. This approach, also, is not without its drawbacks. First, let’s dive right in without holding back.

#1: In Gmail, Activate the IMAP Option.

  • Sign in to Gmail by entering your login information, which includes your password & username.
  • Choose the settings icon by navigating to the upper-right corner.
  • Select the “See All Settings” menu item.
  • The POP or IMAP tab is located in the options window.
  • Toggle IMAP on by going to IMAP Access.
  • Save changes. Your Gmail account’s IMAP feature has now been enabled.

#2: Set Up a Gmail Account in Mac Outlook.

  • You will set up or add your Gmail account to the Outlook 2019/2016 edition in this step.
  • Open the Outlook for Mac software.
  • Select Accounts, Preferences, and Outlook.
  • Once you navigate to the account adding option, a plus icon will appear.
  • Proceed and select the “New Account Option.”
  • It will open a new account wizard, as you can see.
  • Click the “Add Account” field.
  • Enter your username and password to access Gmail.
  • Press the “Continue” button.
  • Examine your Gmail access.
  • Select the “allow” option.
  • Check to see whether your Gmail account has been correctly configured by returning to the Outlook program.

#3: Upload the OLM File to Gmail.

This final step completes the manual OLM to Gmail export process. Use the direction shown below to access these steps efficiently.

  • Launch Gmail and import your OLM data into Outlook.
  • Choose the “Copy to” option for a certain folder by using a right-click.
  • The pop-up window will display a freshly generated label.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Copy”.
  • To receive, hit the button. All of the instructions on how to export the OLM file to my Gmail account have been completed.

Drawbacks of Manually Converting OLM Files into Gmail Account

When attempting manual techniques for moving Outlook Mac Data into a Google Workspace account, users encounter numerous drawbacks. Since some of these restrictions may seriously corrupt the data, it is ultimately preferable to use an expert solution. Let’s examine these restrictions in more detail.

  • The manual way is labor-intensive and may take longer.
  • When configuring manually, the user may sometimes omit any step.
  • Data transfers in batches are not appropriate for this strategy.

Any user would choose to go with a direct and automated approach after taking into account all of these drawbacks. Sometimes, users can resolve their issues by using the expert-suggested way of experience.

Switch to the OLM to Gmail Tool: The Complete Answer to Your Issue

Do you frequently run into issues when attempting to manually convert an OLM file to Gmail? Rest assured that CubexSoft OLM Converter will take care of all your problems. The unique features of this OLM to Gmail Converter Tool will make the process of converting easier for you. Also, the tool enables users to export single or multiple OLM Mac files to Google Mail accounts at the same time without any trouble. And, it smartly works with all latest and previous ranges of macOS, Outlook, and Windows OS.

Final Words

The blog covers how to convert OLM file to Gmail account and manually export OLM to Gmail utilizing the best methods. There is only the capability to configure Google Mail account mail in Mac devices, but you’re not able to transfer the calendars and contact info from your Mac OLM files. In other words, to migrate data from OLM emails with calendars, contacts, notes, journals, and more to Gmail accounts. There is an expert and alternative method you need to utilize.

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