How to Import OST Mail in Office 365?

how to import ost mail in office 365

“How to import OST mail in Office 365?” is a common query among users. You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of these users. This blog post will cover both the expert and manual methods for importing OST files into Outlook 365 using the OST to PST Converter Tool.

Microsoft Exchange supports the offline storage of mailbox databases through the use of OST (Offline Storage Table) files. Even if the user works on the offline OST, any modifications they make will be updated as soon as internet connectivity is restored. With Microsoft Office 365, OST files cannot be accessed directly. Users therefore look for methods to complete the migration process so they can quickly access the data from OST files in Office 365. Let’s examine a few advantages of using an Office 365 account before moving on to the solutions.

Requires OST Migration to Office 365

Every user is aware that Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based platform with several benefits. I’ll explain why the majority of customers are switching from Microsoft Outlook to Office 365 in this part.

  • Office 365 is becoming more and more popular among businesses because of its benefits.
  • A reliable platform is required, and there have been exchange crashes.
  • Compared to Microsoft Outlook OST files, Office 365 mailbox items store more emails.
  • Requires minimizing significant Exchange outages during maintenance.
  • Removal of vital information.
  • Looking at Outlook, MS Office 365 offers much more security features.
  • Compared to MS Outlook, this platform is more user-friendly.
  • Easily retrieve data that has been inadvertently erased from a secure platform.

I’ve now covered the reasons why importing Outlook OST files into Office 365 is necessary. I’ll also go over the alternatives that can assist you in moving your Outlook OST files to Office 365.

How Can Access OST Files in Office 365?

To import OST files into Office 365, there are numerous online ways available. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to use those techniques. Following extensive investigation, we will discuss the top two strategies that can facilitate consumers’ conversions. The manual method will be discussed first.

Manual Techniques for OST Email Import into Office 365

There are two steps in the manual technique.

  1. Import OST files into PST files.
  2. Transfer the Outlook data files to the Office 365 account.

#1.  Convert OST Files to PST Format

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your mobile device.
  • Go to Import and Export under the File menu.
  • Choose the option to Export to a File. Select PST to save the file.
  • Select the OST files you wish to import and check the include subdirectory box.
  • Next, select the Browse menu item to store PST files.
  • To save the file, click the OK button at the end.

#2. Upload PST Files to Office 365 Cloud Account

  • Open the Office 365 app on your mobile device.
  • Select Permission from the Admin Center > Exchange Admin Center menu.
  • Click Organization management>>+sign>> now. import export Mailbox >>ADD.
  • Next, choose which mailbox to import, then hit Save.
  • Visit the Admin Center > Setup > Data Migration once more.
  • Select the file to upload by clicking on it.
  • Choose New Import work at this point, then type the work name.
  • Select the SAS URL for the Network Upload.
  • In Notepad, copy and paste the URL.
  • Install Azure AzCopy, launch it, and enter:

AzCopy.exe. /Source:\Network Path or File Location /Dest: “SAS URL” /V: the path to the location where the log file (AzCopy.log/Y) should be saved.

  • To map the uploaded PST file into a mailbox account, create a CSV file.
  • Open the Import Data Window and check both choices.
  • Select the mapping file and then select Upload CSV File, Validate, and Save.
  • We’ll upload the PST file to Office 365.

The Manual Method’s Drawbacks

  • This technique takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Technical expertise is needed by users to complete this conversion.
  • The hierarchy of data may be jeopardized.
  • Many professionals prefer to use the professional OST to PST Converter Tool in order to overcome these shortcomings of the manual ways.

Professional Solution to Import OST Mail in Office 365 Cloud Platform

The most effective way to import OST files into Office 365 is to use a professional CubexSoft OST Converter Software for Windows & Mac OS. With no data tampering, this solution offers a rapid and secure bulk conversion of OST files to an Office 365 account. Users can convert OST files to PST, EML, MBOX, CSV, PDF, HTML, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and more formats using this third-party program. The folder hierarchy is preserved while this program yields findings that are 100% accurate. It was suitable for both macOS and Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and others. This software comes with so many advanced and unique features for users to easily export OST file to Exchange Online/ Microsoft 365 cloud account without any data loss.

The Concluding Lines!

We have covered the best ways to import OST files to an Office 365 account in this blog. Using the manual method is essential. Because the professional solution offers safe migration and guards against data loss, many users advise utilizing it.

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