Strategic Guide for Importing Windows Live Mail Data to Outlook 2021


Summary/Overview: Are you contemplating a switch to Outlook 2021 as your default email client and in need of a solution to import emails from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2021? This article is designed to assist you by outlining various methods and recommending a reliable procedure. Instead of investing your valuable time in manual methods, opt for a professional solution.

User’s Inquiry:

Having accumulated numerous Windows Live Mail files, I aim to consolidate all my data into a single location. My goal is to export all WLM emails to Outlook, but I am unsure about how to import mail from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2021. Despite extensive searches through articles, blogs, and forums, I have yet to find a direct solution. Is there a method to import Windows Live Mail emails into PST Outlook? Please provide a direct and accurate technique for converting bulk WLM emails into PST, including attachments.

Why Do Users Want to Shift WLM EML Files into MS Outlook 2021?

  • Enhanced Features: MS Outlook 2021 can also offer higher capabilities and functionalities in contrast to Windows Live Mail, attracting clients to make the transfer for a far better email experience.
  • Uniform Email Management: Users may want to centralize their email management by consolidating all their email debts, which encompass those from WLM and inner MS Outlook 2021, for a more unified and prepared approach.
  • Compatibility: MS Outlook 2021 may additionally provide higher compatibility with distinctive packages and offerings, making it a desired choice for customers who depend upon a variety of devices for verbal exchange and productivity.
  • Professional Environment: Users in an expert or agency environment often decide upon MS Outlook for its integration with the Microsoft Office suite and seamless verbal exchange abilities, making it a suitable platform for business agency communication.
  • Advanced Security Features: MS Outlook 2021 can also provide advanced safety capabilities and encryption alternatives, providing clients with extra stable surroundings for dealing with their emails and sensitive records.
  • Synchronization Across Devices: MS Outlook 2021 permits clients to synchronize their emails, calendars, and contacts across multiple gadgets, offering perseverance with accessibility from numerous structures.
  • Updated Software: As generation evolves, clients might also moreover choose to use the good email purchaser variations to advantage from upgrades in popular average overall performance, protection, and similar talents that MS Outlook 2021 can offer.

A Professional Solution for Instant Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion

In our previous discussion, we addressed several user queries regarding the conversion of Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST. By examining these queries, it becomes evident why users seek guidance on how to import mail from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2021. Many users are actively seeking solutions to similar conversion challenges. To address your query swiftly, consider utilizing the Mailvita Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Tool for Mac & Windows.

This professional application, crafted by a team of experts, facilitates the seamless migration of bulk data from Windows Live Mail to Outlook in a single operation. The tool stands as a reliable platform, offering a prompt solution for WLM to PST conversion without encountering data loss issues. Continue reading for a tutorial on how the tool operates. The app can work with all Windows OS versions such as; Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

How to Bring Windows Live Mail Into Outlook Steps?

  • First, select “choose files” or “choose folders.”
  • Opt for either the “Convert Configured Windows Live Mail Profile” option or “Convert Separately Saved Windows Live Mail Emails” to add Live Mail files.
  • Select additional options for saving the PST file format according to your requirements.
  • Choose the desired output option and set the location using the Browse button to save the output database.
  • Finally, press “Convert” to initiate the conversion.
  • As the Windows Live Mail to PST Converter process starts, the screen displays live conversion progress.
  • Upon completion, the process concludes with the message “Process Completed Successfully.”

Emphasized Characteristics and Benefits of this Application:

  • The software can work with all Windows and Mac OS systems without installing any further programs.
  • There is no need for technical knowledge to use this software.
  • Support all MS Outlook versions, such as Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019.
  • The utility provides a complete preview before the conversion process.
  • A graphic user interface is available to help all users.
  • Users can save their exported Outlook PST file at the required location on the desktop.
  • There is no need to download other software to convert EML emails to PST format.
  • There are no data size limitations when users convert EML files to PST format.

Last Words, by Author Pen

This blog post has provided insights into importing mail from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2021. We’ve outlined a professional approach for converting Windows Live Mail to the PST file format. For more details, you can explore the free demo edition of this software, which allows you to migrate the first few WLM files to Outlook without incurring any charges.

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