An Insider’s Guide to Bahrain’s Top Schools

top 10 schools in Bahrain

When looking for a school for your child, you want to ensure they get a quality education. Bahrain top schools have several important characteristics, including smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular activities.

The best international schools in Bahrain broaden students’ horizons and equip them for university and a successful career. They also create an environment where students are inspired to succeed at every stage of their life.

AI Hekma International School

AI Hekma International School is surely one of the top 10 schools in Bahrain. The co-ed school offers an American curriculum from Pre-school to High School. It is one of the newest entrants on the Bahrain education scene and has garnered much media attention for its innovation and commitment to the community. The most recent accolade was winning the coveted Best School in Manama award from the Ministry of Education.

While the school itself is a small institution, it has its share of well-funded rivals. Bahrain top schools include this as it has a plethora of sports teams, clubs, and activities to keep students entertained throughout the day and night. The school also boasts a highly regarded International Baccalaureate program and offers several opportunities to learn a new language. However, the most noteworthy feature of the school is its renowned arts and music department, which regularly performs at the highest levels and is home to some of the country’s best musicians.

ARKIS International School

ARKIS International School in Bahrain is a co-ed institution founded in 1998 and offers an innovative educational curriculum. The school is a certified Cambridge International Centre and implements the CIS (Cambridge International) Primary Programme from preschool to Grade 12. In Grade 11, students can choose between the IGCSE and IB Diploma programs. Other impressive curriculum initiatives include a Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System and a comprehensive Arabic Second Language department.

Several other academic departments are also well represented. The faculty is extensive and covers a gamut of subjects from history to physics. A dedicated library and research facilities are also available. The school is located in the posh city of Manama, making it a popular choice among expats.

The school is one of the top 10 schools in Bahrain for its impressive learning and teaching facilities as well as its friendly and supportive staff. It is regarded as one of the finest schools in the country, with many alumni moving on to higher education. A total of 73 employees work at the institution, with an average of three per classroom.

British School of Bahrain

Bahrain top schools also include the British School of Bahrain (BSB). It provides a world-class holistic education, inspiring students to pursue their passions and interests across a range of subjects. It is renowned for its success in science, technology, and economics.

The school is based on a purpose-built campus in Bu Quwah, with three separate buildings. It has been designed to accommodate students from pre-primary to secondary school age.

It is also an accredited institution by the American University of Bahrain. In addition, it is home to a variety of classrooms and laboratories, a library, a sports center, student commons, and a large auditorium.

In addition to its academic strength, BSB has a strong commitment to community development and social responsibility. The school strives to promote a sense of cultural and religious diversity, encouraging students to develop intellectual independence, curiosity, creativity, and responsibility for the world around them.

The school is one of the main sponsors of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program, which enables high-achieving students from the Kingdom of Bahrain to study overseas. The program equips students with the adequate skills and experience needed to build Bahrain’s future.

St Christopher’s School

Bahrain’s Top schools include St Christopher’s School in Isa Town, which has a strong reputation for being one of the top 10 schools in Bahrain. It is a co-educational school that offers first-class education to individuals aged 5-18. It is administered and licensed by the Ministry of Education in accordance with Amiri Decree 14/1985.

The prestigious School celebrated its annual Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards Evening last week, recognizing students for their exceptional examination performance throughout the year. The ceremony was attended by 250 students, families, and honoured guests. In addition, certificates and subject prizes were awarded to the students. This included 88 GCSE and 10 IB, and 23 A-level GCE Certificates, with 21 students also being recognized for their Edexcel Special Awards.

Ishaan Mittal and Abdullah Elqaq, alumni, spoke about their studies in the US. The school’s partnership with the Bahrain International Seafarers Society was praised.It has a half-time Missions to Seafarers chaplain who is faithfully ministering to seafarers in the ports of Bahrain. It is a long-standing partnership that is supported by both commercial entities involved in the shipping sector as well as the Christian community.

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