What Is Mot Test Failure And How To Avoid It?

Mot Test

All three-year-old vehicles in the UK need a valid MOT certificate to run legally on roads. During an MOT test, the tester is going to check several vital components. If they find anything wrong with the health of car components, you will not be able to get your car back if you do not repair the faults.

Failure in the MOT Leicester test is a nightmare for most car drivers. Even if you look after your car effectively, your tester may find anything that stops you way to getting your car back easily.

If you want to handle failures in the MOT test without any hesitation, you have to read this helpful guide.

Can you avoid MOT failure?

Surely, you can avoid failure in the MOT test. Every car driver gets a user manual with his vehicle. This use guide guides the drivers to service their cars at regular intervals.

Visiting a garage for proper car service is a great idea to avoid failure in the test. A regularly serviced car does not show mechanical faults because of its health components.

The MOT tester is going to check the components of your vehicle according to a preset list. This list includes parts like horns, lights, number plates, lights, exhaust and emissions, brakes, tyres, bodywork, windscreen wipers, driver’s view, windows, and mirrors, etc.

You can check these components before the test to reduce the chances of failure.

What Can You Expect After Your Car Fails Its Test?

If your vehicle clears the MOT test, you will get the VT30 certificate that is valid for one year.

You will get a refusal of a valid MOT certificate if your car is unable to satisfy the tester. After the test, the test will discuss the reasons that stopped your way to get the certificate.

Categories Of Defects To Fail A Vehicle In The Mot Test

The MOT tester will declare the negative results based on three main categories: minor, major, and dangerous. Advisory is another type that depends on the condition of your vehicle.

Major and dangerous issues will cause failure in the test without any doubt. Minor faults and advisories do not lead to a MOT failure.

Minor faults:

As the name suggests, these issues are not extremely serious to affect the mechanical condition of your vehicle. If a component is working well even with a minor defect, the tester would treat it as a considerable problem.

Major faults:

Serious issues that affect the mechanical condition of your car are major faults. These faults are enough to fail in the test. You have to repair these faults if you want to get your car again.


Dangerous faults in your car mean it is not safe for roads even for a single day. You would not get your car back after the detection of dangerous faults. Even you cannot drive your car due to these issues.

You have to fix dangerous faults in your car instantly.


If the tester finds a minor defect that can affect the condition of your vehicle in the future, the driver may get an advisory to rectify the faults as soon as possible.

What Should You Do After The Failure?

After the failure in the test, you have to leave your car in the MOT center for repair work.

You can have a free retest if the repair work is complete within 10 working days.

You have another option to choose another garage for repair work. In this condition, you have to return your vehicle to the original center before the end of the next working day if you want a free retest.

You can choose another garage only if the current MOT certificate is valid and your vehicle does not have a dangerous fault. You can however tow your vehicle in the case of dangerous faults.

What is an MOT retest?

During a retest, the tester will check the only parts that cause failure in the test.

You would not be able to drive your car if you booked a retest without repairing the faults.

If you have a valid MOT certificate from the previous year, you can drive your car to the test center for a retest.

The garage will retest your vehicle after repairing the faults and issue the passing certificate if you do not book a retest for your faulty vehicle after failing the test.

The Appealing Option After Your Vehicle Fails Its Test

If you are sure that your vehicle has no mechanical faults, you can choose this option by filling out the complaint form. You have to send the complaint form to DVSA within 14 working days. You must not repair the car after filling out the complaint form.

After filling out and sending the complaint form, you can expect to get a reply within 5 days.

You have to choose a date for a full test with the full test fee.

Finally, you have many options to handle failure in the MOT test. Avoiding failure is possible in the MOT test with regular Car Servicing Leicester. Car servicing and MOT tests both are essential for road safety. Therefore, consider both to keep your vehicle healthy and safe for roads.

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